So I lied…
November 12, 2011, 6:47 pm
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I said I was going to review Quest Protein bars, but I changed my mind. Other blogs have reviewed them and I really agree pretty well with their reviews, so why waste a post to say it all over again? So, in short, they’re tasty. Let’s move on.

I *heart* Mexican food.  Before surgery that meant going to the restaurant where they would bring me basket after basket of warm chips and my husband and I would order a large cheese dip. Then whatever I ordered I made sure it had rice (no beans!) and lots more cheese. Even when I was done eating, if there were still chips there I was going to keep nibbling them until we left.  We had Mexican 1-2 times a week and we both always left in a state of pure misery. You know that feeling?  That I’m-so-stuffed-I-can-barely-breath-and-I-want-to-unbutton-my-pants-so-let-me-hurry-and-get-to-my-car feeling?  Yeah.  THAT one.

Now…there is nothing wrong with Mexican food, I’ve just “adjusted” a bit.  I almost never eat in so I can avoid that warm chip temptation.  I also order strange things that aren’t even on the menu.  It drives my poor husband insane.  Our last take out experience went a little like this:

Hubby calling on the way home from work: “How about Mexican food for dinner?”

Me: “Okay. I think I want some shredded chicken-you know the kind they put in the quesadillas, but NOT in a tortilla, just the chicken, and then have them put some cheese on it and brown it up and maybe a side of beans.”

Hubby: “Seriously?”

Me: “Yeah…what?”

Hubby: “You want to make something up that doesn’t exist on the menu and is slightly complicated, and you want me to order it in a restaurant where most of the staff does NOT SPEAK ENGLISH?!”

Me: “Yup.  See you when you get home.”

Sadly, take-out is no longer a frequent experience with us because my poor husband is afraid of my order. First I mourned the loss of my favorite fatty, carb-y foods…then I had to mourn the loss of Mexican food all together.  I was so very sad until I found (and slightly modified) a recipe that made life all rainbows and unicorns again!

So, try this one and I promise you won’t miss the 349384723 deep fried tortilla chips. Okay…maybe you’ll miss them a little bit. Sprinkle on some extra cheese to soak up your tears and you’ll be fine.


Mexican Crock Pot Chicken

Chicken breast tenderloins (I think we used around 12, whatever makes about a pound)

1 large jar of salsa (any strength.  At my house we compromise and go for medium.  My husband still has not grasped the fact that I do not drink and eat at the same time!  Spicy=sad tongue)

1 bag of frozen corn, thawed (you can do this in the microwave) with all the excess liquid drained out.  (You can aslo use canned corn, but it is so full of sodium, especially when you already have the salsa, that I like to rinse it off if I use it)

1 can black beans, rinsed and drained

minced garlic and onion (optional, but we like them)

Also optional, but pretty tasty, you can chop up an 8oz block of cream cheese into small pieces and mix it in, just make sure to stir it up in an hour or so after it melts to incorporate it in

Mix it all together and place in a crock pot for 6ish hours on low. When it’s cooked through, take the chicken out and shred it up with 2 forks (Or I have this handy-dandy salad chopper thingy I got from Pampered Chef that chops up chicken excellently) Place it back in the crock pot and mix back in.

Serve as it topped with shredded cheese and sour cream (Or I use greek yogurt as a sour cream alternative.  Tastes pretty similar and has a protein boost!) You can also serve in a low carb tortilla.  If you have non-ops in the house, they may also like this over chips like nachos.

My husband actually loves this recipe, so it’s now in our “usual” pile.  I have a hard time finding things he likes.  Even when he loves something it’s “Pretty good.”  If he hates it “it’s okay.”  We have been married 7 years and for the first couple I thought I was a horrible cook.  It led to way too many fights after I cooked what I thought was an awesome dinner and it was “pretty good.”  I’m glad to say I finally speak Daryl.

Hope you enjoy it!




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