Should We Eat That?
November 7, 2011, 7:51 pm
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How many times as post-ops have we heard that? From other post-ops, from pre-ops, from our family in that concerned voice (You know what I mean.  “Honey…should you eat that?” accompanied by that disapproving look that used to come along with a different phrase, like “are you eating ANOTHER slice of cake?) My father is the one exception to the “concerned family” rule.  Not that he isn’t concerned, because he very much is, but he is certain that if I lose another pound I will be skin and bones.  I have lost 130lbs, but at 5’6″, I’m still a nice, still-too-chunky 180ish pounds.  No chance of withering away. I guess he’s so used to seeing me as a large girl he can’t stand to see me at a more “normal” size.  He is constantly trying to feed me when I’m there.  Very few things make me sick, but the only thing I’ve found that discourages him is if I say it will make me sick. Dad- “Jes, don’t you want a slice of pizza/cake/pie/etc.”  Me-“No thanks, it will make me vomit uncontrollably.  Maybe for hours.”  Dad-“Oh. Okay then.”  It works for me.  What also works is if I bring my own desserts so he can think I’m eating all the junk he wants me to eat. And there you have the first bit of inspiration for this blog.

I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but the truth is I’m bored.  I had foot surgery less than a week ago and the good news is that the pain is much better so I’m no longer in a percocet haze.  The bad news is I’m no longer in the percocet haze. I’m also not allowed to bear weight at the moment (I have an oh-so-glamorous knee scooter.  I know you’re jealous. I’ll post a picture once I get the streamers for my handlebars.) I can’t go back to work for 4-6 weeks and as a nurse I’m used to being busy.  One can only hit “refresh” on facebook so many times before they go completely insane.  My husband may divorce me if I force him to talk about his entire day for hours when he finally gets home. I can’t even walk to the freaking mailbox to get the mail, which would at least provide me with 5 solid minutes of entertainment. So…a blog is my next bright idea!  I love to cook, especially when baking is involved and I’ve had a lot of fun recreating recipes to make them WLS friendly. Why not share with my friends. If you’re making a recipe I’ve posted or a product I’ve tried and reviewed you don’t have to ask “should I eat that?” I won’t promise that they are all low fat or low calorie.  I will promise I’ve done my best to make them WLS friendly and that I think they’re tasty or I wouldn’t post them!

So, here’s recipe #1.

Cheesecake bites

two 8oz packages of cream cheese, softened (you can use reduced fat or a combo of reduced fat and regular.  I have not tried this with fat free because, well, it tastes like dirty feet and it is not something I wish to make myself eat just to save a little fat and calories.  This is dessert.  Don’t eat 46 of them and you’ll be fine.

2 eggs

vanilla extract (around a teaspoon.  I don’t measure things like that.  I blame my mother)

1 cup of whey-low (May be able to use liquid or powdered spenda sucessfully, but I like the way whey-low bakes like sugar. If you try it, let me know how it turns out!)

Mix all of the above together well and put into greased or lined muffin or mini muffin pans. You can use the mixture as is or pour it over any crust of your choice–you can use sugar free vanilla wafers or Joseph’s sugar free cookies or brownies (a brownie crust is tasty.  You can also add a little coco powder or melted bittersweet chocolate into the above mixture and make chocolate cheesecakes.  Nom Nom Nom)  in the bottom of the muffin pan.  If you don’t mind a little sugar you can crush graham crackers and blend with melted butter and push into the bottom of the muffin tins.  Completely your choice!

Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until they just start to solidify and they may turn slightly brown on top. They will puff up a little and then deflate when they are cooled.

You can serve them as is, or you can take a little sugar free jam (I like raspberry or strawberry) and warm it in the microwave with a bit of splenda or whey low until it is liquid-y. I drizzle a little on top, and you can even add a little fresh raspberry too if you want them to be all fancy and stuff. 🙂

Even my non-op and extremely picky husband loves these.  Of course, I don’t tell him they are WLS friendly until after he’s stuffed his face with them because that would just ruin it.  It amuses me to take things like this to work and watch them disappear, and THEN tell people why they were better for them than those lemon cream cupcakes I used to bring in. Does that make me evil?

I also want to post the occasional review of a product, especially when they are marketed to us WLS folks, so next post will be about Quest Protein Bars!


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Great first post!

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It really is good!

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